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    St. George Temple

    • Alchevsk, Ukraine
    • St. George Temple$$
    • +38 (06442) 3-41-42
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      St. George Temple surprising and impressive building. It is considered one of the main attractions of the city of Alchevsk. Location of the temple already evokes affection, do not always find an island of tranquility and greenery in the city center. 

      The building was built only in 2000, but drove him in the best traditions of Christian architecture. The temple has no particular architectural style, its image is a collection of the best trends of architecture. There were mixed bases classic brick style, elements of Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau. During the construction of the temple was used six different types of granite. The highlight of the design of the facade of the building has lovely icons executed in a mosaic style, so rare now.

      The interior of the church is rich in design. Icons of the cathedral and the coloring of the walls were made with the help of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Skillful hands of craftsmen were able to combine modern technology and ancient rules writing Orthodox icons. Home church icon, which depicts St. George the Victorious, was brought from Greece, it was written in the monastery Zograf.

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