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    Holy Resurrection Church

    • Sloviansk, Ukraine
    • Holy Resurrection Church$$
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      Holy Resurrection Temple is one of the oldest religious buildings Ukrainian Slavic city. It was founded in 1775 on the picturesque shores of the salt lake Old-street. Among the faithful church known as the place where he spent the Holy Liturgy John of Kronstadt.

      First wooden church was built, but in the XIX century the means of philanthropist Stepan Sergeyevich Taranova-Beloozerova and ordinary citizens erected a stone three-altar of the church. During the Soviet era Holy Resurrection church was closed and even used as a warehouse and a local club. During the Great Patriotic War, the church was opened for a short time: this is where the monks came Svjatogorsk after the close of the monastery.

      Only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the construction work began. Installed domes and bell tower, and all the faithful can visit the liturgy and pray before the ancient icons, returned Svjatogorsk monks. This miraculous image: a copy of the Iberian Icon afonskaga 1903 letters and image of the "Burning Bush", created in 1822 in gratitude by saving the city from fire.

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