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    Center for the Arts "ArtLyuks"

    • Mariupol, Ukraine
      Artema Street, 72
    • Center for the Arts "ArtLyuks"$$
    • +38 096 454 – 59 - 87
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      Center for the Arts "Art Suite" - is located in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. The center was opened in 2011 and its main idea is to organize creative and musical and poetic evenings.

      Center for the Arts "Art Suite" includes a gallery of paintings and graphic art, gallery Kasli casting and porcelain, the book department, salon antiques, art studio and art cafe.

      Art collection center has more than 1,000 paintings, the authors of the Soviet period, the most famous of which is written: Cherish Kuzminkovoy, Leonid Gadi, Albert Stirn, Vladimir Horenko, Viktor Ponomarev.

      In parallel with the pictures in the center are products of decorative arts: painting on wood, embroidery, casting and forging.

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