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    Church of St. John the Baptist

    • Lviv, Ukraine
    • Church of St. John the Baptist$$
    • 11:00-18:00 (зимой - 10:00-17:00), вых. - Пн. 
    • +38 (032) 272-28-86
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      Very old Church of St. John the Baptist - one of the few surviving buildings in Lviv princely times. Located in the Old Market area at the foot of the High Castle. According to legend, is buried here Hungarian princess Constance, wife of Galicia-Volyn Prince Lev Danilovich, King of Russia. The first written mention of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Lviv dates back to 1371 the building was reconstructed in the XIX century. psevdoromanskom in style, but the extant fragments of the original architecture. At The Moment The museum occupies the space of ancient monuments of the city. The exhibition tells about the culture, crafts and daily life in the times related to the founding of the city. Valuable exhibit - the icon of "Lviv Virgin" (XIV century.). Also on display plastic panorama Lviv XVIII century.

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