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    Church of the Resurrection

    • Zbarazh, Ukraine
    • Church of the Resurrection$$
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      In the years 1760-1764 in the city Zbarazh was built Church of the Resurrection. She appeared thanks to donations from local tradesman Gregory Gimonyuka and Count Nicholas Potocki.

      At first it was a wooden structure. During Soviet times, it was destroyed, like many other churches. Over almost thirty years the church was closed and was in ruins. But in 1989, the service at Resurrection Church resumed, after the on-site wood, there was a stone church.

      The building is in the Ukrainian Baroque style. This two-headed structure of a light yellow color with a small bell tower and porch. The shape of the central dome of blue is different from those that were peculiar to the temple of the XVIII century.

      At present, the Church of the Resurrection is valid and belongs to the Greek Catholic community of Zbarazh.

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