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    Manor Mstsihovskogo

    • Seleznivka, Ukraine
    • Manor Mstsihovskogo$$
    • +38 066-647-27-00
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    • Manor Mstsihovskogo - abandoned architectural treasure, which is located in a picturesque corner of the village Seleznovka Luhansk region.

      The exact date of construction of the building, no one voiced, but its significance homestead acquired thanks to her residence in a Polish landowner Kazimir Mstsihovskogo whose name is reflected in the title of the building. In its heyday the estate was a well many values ​​- here were gathered a collection of vases of different eras, fine tapestries with illustrations to the fables Lafantena and amazing collection of paintings.

      The manor house - a beautiful example of an Italian villa with Florentine character. The two-story building is of high quality materials and labor. Over its history, the manor has survived a lot, but until then keep most unique details of decoration, for example, samples of stucco. Awesome spectacle is oak ceilings, as each room has an original topography and design. Also survived three of the four represented the estate of fireplaces. One of the stones even retained their glaze tiles.

      You can walk around the manor only on weekends from 10-00 to 14-00.

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