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    Cathedral of the Assumption

    • Kharkiv, Ukraine
      Університетська вулиця, 11
    • Cathedral of the Assumption$$
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    • This magnificent church in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located on the banks of the River Lopan, is the oldest Orthodox church in the city of Kharkiv. The first mention of it there are still reports of magistrates Ofrosimov in 1658. With this historic document we learn that the first temple was wooden and had a paper icon.

      Only in the 1685-1687 biennium. Began to build a stone church through the dilapidated old. All construction work led by Colonel G. Obadiah. The result was built a stone church cruciform shape and has five domes.

      But in 1733 there was a big fire which greatly damaged the temple, and in 1770 the first cracks were observed. Therefore, from 1771 began to build a new square church with five domes.
      Unfortunately, during the Soviet era domes and exquisite decor were destroyed, and the most valuable relics removed. Only in the 50s of XX century restoration work began, and in 1990goda - held its first worship service.

      Currently, the Cathedral of the Assumption - "pearl" of the city, chiming clock with its bell tower heard throughout the city. Due to the established authority and stunning acoustics concerts of classical and sacred music.

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