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    Venetian courtyard

    • Ternopil, Ukraine
    • Venetian courtyard$$
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      "Venetian courtyard" in Ternopil called courtyard of a large building on the corner of Shevchenko and Katchalov. In 1893 there was opened a Polish seminary library and "Society folk school" (Towarzystwa szkoly ludowej). In 1913 the museum was opened Podolsky with four divisions: ethnographic, historical and numismatic, archaeological and natural history (his exposition was the basis of the current local history museum). Later, the building housed the women's gymnasium. Now the building houses the Office of Education Ternopil the City Council, and in the courtyard - Management of the municipal police. "Venetian" courtyard called for the characteristic design with an arcade and a portal with columns. Object in a very bad condition.

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