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    Winery Colonist

    • Krynychne, Ukraine
    • Winery Colonist$$
    • +38 (048) 464-06-43
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      Winery "colonist" in Krinichnaya far from Bolhrad founded in 2005, entrepreneur Ivan Plachkov, former Minister of Energy. There was launched production of Bessarabian wines on classic technology with modern equipment. The property Enterprise 21 hectares of new vineyards and 60 hectares of vineyards around the age of 35 years. Plant "Colonist" annually produces about 130 thousand. 10 bottles of wine names. РаботаетВинныйцентрсдегустационнымзалом,гдеможнопопробоватьвинавсейлинейкиТМ"Колонист": Шардоне,Сухолиманское,Траминер,Алиготе,Рислинг,Пинонуар,Кабернедесертное,Кабернесухое,Мерло,Одесскоечерноесухое,Одесскоечерноедесертное,Одесскоечерноевыдержанное .

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