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    Shabo winery

    • Shabo, Ukraine
    • Shabo winery$$
    • +38 (048) 700-02-10
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      Modern winery "Shabo" is based on the old Shabo wine. The Turkish name of the village Shabo - "Asha-Abaga" ("Lower Gardens") - shows that in the XVII century. there were vineyards. Development of wine helped the French settlers, arrived at Chabot in 1822 the first vine planted here Swiss scientist and winemaker Louis Tardan, and already in 1847, his son Charles Tardan presented for the first agricultural exhibition in Chisinau 8 varieties Shabo wines. Now 1,000 hectares of its own vineyards located between the Dniester estuary and the Black Sea coast, in Chabot grow the best grapes, many of which brought 200 years ago the first French settlers. The wine is produced using modern technologies cold filling. When the factory set up a "Wine Cultural Center Shabo", guided tours and tastings. During the tour you can visit the old Royal cellar, Sherry cellar, underground storage, Brandy yard, Champagne house, shop cold bottling, museum maze.

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