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    Winery "Shabo" in Odessa

    • Shabo, Ukraine
    • Winery "Shabo" in Odessa$$
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      Odessa is famous for its many virtues. In addition, it is a port city, there is still a lot of their production. One of the most prominent and oldest branches of the city is the production of cognac and champagne.

      In connection with this, guests of the city and experience the exciting world and visit the Museum maze of wine and winemaking "Wine Cultural Center Shabo".

      Here you can see the old "Royal Cellar", created more than 200 years ago; sherry ancient cellar, where in oak barrels "mature" dry sherry; vast underground vaults that are located at a distance of 5-9 meters under the ground; unique Shampanskіy house and modern workshop cold filling with the latest modern equipment.

      Here you can taste the wine and in a special tasting room. By this great drinks offers traditional snacks: crackers, walnuts, cheese and so on.

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