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    Castle Hill

    • Chyhyryn, Ukraine
    • Castle Hill$$
    • +38 (04730) 2-89-31, 2-77-28
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      historical territory

      Remnants of fortifications Chiginrina Cossack era preserved in the Castle (Bogdanova) mountain in the center of the city. Chigirinskaya small fortress, planted in the XVI century. , Serving as an outpost of the Commonwealth, then Cossack fortress. Stone building size 200x150 m was surrounded by walls with towers and bastions. In 1677 120-thousand Turkish army 3 weeks unsuccessfully besieged fortress Chigirinskiy, and only in the following year the Turks managed to grab her, returning with two hundred thousandth already own. Later Cossacks hetman I. Samoilovych recaptured Chyhyryn supported by Moscow's troops magistrates G. Romodanovo. In the XIX century. strengthening almost completely dismantled for building materials, when arranged on the Castle Hill quarry. Now there is a park, which houses reconstructed bastion Doroshenko (XVI-XVII centuries). Stone Cross in honor of defenders Chigirinskiy bastion (1912) Monument "Kobzar" at dawn and other sculptures. At the top of the mountain set majestic monument B. Khmelnitsky height of 18.6 m (1967-82 biennium; ck. Oleinik, M. Vronsky). At the foot of the hill is the chapel of the Holy Virgin, which reburied the remains of Cossacks from the cemetery of the XVII century. The complex is part of the National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Chigirin." Tours are conducted by museum staff B. Khmelnitsky, located on the territory of the Hetman's residence at the foot of the mountain.

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