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    Manor Orzhevskih

    Manor Orzhevskih noblemen built in the center of New Chertoroy at the beginning of the XIX century Baroque rebuilt in the late XIX century in the pseudo style Inside the palace preserved the unique mirrors and stained glass windows of Byzantine

    Steam Mill

    Five story building steam mill was erected on the bank of the river happened in the middle of the XIX century financed by Earl Orzhevskih Until recently it was used as a plant At the moment the object is closed and is not used is protected Login

    Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

    Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin the oldest stone building in Khmelnitsky The temple in the classical style built on the site of the first Orthodox Church Proskurov founded in the XVIII century Burned in 1822 The main shrine was miraculous

    Museum of local lore

    Khmelnitsky Regional Museum is located in a modern building in the city center Fund totals 60 thousand Items including the treasures of medieval coins and ornaments of Kievan Rus including 4 treasures jewelry  Bolokhovskaya land Presents a large

    The Art Museum

    Art Gallery Khmelnytsky placed in a former bank (1903) Collection Khmelnytsky Regional Museum of Art has 8 thousand Forty works of art by contemporary artists All works are vivid national  color from the plot motifs and traditional element in an

    City History Museum

    Museum of the City of Khmelnitsky is located in a modern building in the pedestrian zone. It is small in size, chamber museum exposition tells about the main events in the history of the city. Submitted by more than 2 thousand. Items.

    Old fortress (castle)

    Old fortress Kamenetz Podolsk one of the most outstanding monuments of fortification of Ukraine Included in the Kamenetz Podolsk State Historical Museum Now more often used the name Old Castle   although technically this fortress was the castle

    City Hall

    The building of the Polish magistrate was built in the center of Kamenetz Podolsk after the city of Magdeburg law in 1374 Town Hall Kamenetz Podolsk is considered the oldest in Ukraine This is the main civil construction of the Old Town

    Theological Seminary (Art Gallery)

    Kamenetz Podolsk Museum housed in a former school building Theological Seminary (XVIII century) The Armenian Market Square In the Orthodox seminary Kamenetz Podolsk studied Dostoevsky C Rudansky N Leontovich A Svidnitsky and others In the museum

    Bishop's Palace (Archaeological Museum)

    Department of Archaeology Kamenetz Podolsk State Historical Museum Reserve is located in the former palace of the Armenian bishop which was founded in the fifteenth century as a trading house After the Turkish invasion in the house settled
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