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    Khan's Palace

    Khan's Palace in Bakhchisaray an outstanding monument of history and architecture of the Crimea the applicant for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List Laid Khan Haji Giray after the beginning XVI century as the new residence of the Crimean


    Medieval fortress city 3 5 km to the east of Bakhchisarai Appeared on a mountain plateau approximately V VI centuries as a fortified settlement on the border of the Byzantine possessions The main population were Alans then Kipchak From the XIII

    Assumption cave monastery

    Holy Assumption Monastery in Bakhchisarai as one of the most revered Orthodox shrines Crimea is sometimes called Crimean Lavra Church of the Assumption in a cave on the side of the gorge Maryam Dere built monks displaced during the persecution 


    The complex of religious buildings located in the market area Includes the tomb of Ahmed Bey dyurbe cubic form (1577) Dyurbe Muhammad Bey in the form of an octagonal tent (XVI c ) Elegant mausoleum Khan Muhammad Giray (XVII century ) The remains of

    Devlet-Barn (Larishes)

    Private Museum Larishes opened in 2011 on the basis of the ancient complex structures Devlet Saray from which in 1501 32 years began construction of Bakhchisarai The oldest building of the complex is Dubreuil (mausoleum) Hajji Giray the tomb of the

    Eski dyurbe

    Eski dyurbe (tat The old mausoleum ) the oldest tomb Bakhchisarai Built in the XV century Long before the Bakhchisaray Palace According to legend is buried here some ruler who had a valley before the arrival Gireiev whose name is forgotten The shape

    Museum Nagaevskaya

    Museum of artist E. Nagaevskaya open in the house with a terrace, where she had lived since 1952. Her watercolors reflect many picturesque places and monuments of the Crimea. The museum's private hotel.

    Museum Gasprinsky

    Memorial Museum of the Crimean Tatar educator and public figure I Gasprinsky (Department of Bakhchisaray State Historical and Cultural Reserve) opened in the former home of printing in 1883 started issuing the first in the Russian Empire 


    City fortress (VI XV centuries ) In addition to p Hodge Sala between the villages of Red Poppy and Ternivka Located on the top of the mountain buttes towering above the surrounding valleys at 250 300 m VI known as Doris the capital city of the

    Valley of the Sphinxes

    Natural sphinxes Karalezskoy valley unusual stone figures the result of weathering of limestone on the crest of a wooded hill Uzun Tarla Some of the stone idols rise above the crest of 8 15 m and have their own names the extreme south of the
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