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    Resort Park

    Heart of the resort is the main pump room mineral water From his start alleys leading through the park on the hills where there are 3 more healing power as well as the very first summer pavilion for receiving water Besides typical for this area 

    Museum of the resort

    Museum of resort is located in the center of the villa Saryusz which is an architectural monument of the beginning The twentieth century In 7 halls exhibited historical documents as well as everyday objects population foothills of the Carpathians

    Museum Bilas

    Museum dedicated to the works of prominent masters of applied art M Bilas established in 1992 by the artist's life Occupies premises elegant wooden villa Goplyana (1928) made in the Polish national Zakopane style Once  It was the summer

    Uzhhorod Castle

    Uzhhorod Castle one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in the territory of Ukraine The emergence of a fortified settlement Slavic tribe of White Croats on Castle Hill on p Oh researchers attribute to the VII century But  It was first

    Holy Cross Cathedral

    Holy Cross Cathedral has long been the main Christian church in Uzhgorod Initiator of its creation v1640 he became Count Janos X Druget who invited for this Jesuit monks Straitelstva was conducted for 6 years After the liquidation of the Jesuit

    Goryanskaya Rotunda

    Highland Rotunda (Church of St Anne) in Uzhgorod an ancient temple of the Carpathians a unique monument of the Roman Byzantine architecture in which experts see the features of the Great Moravian architecture The most likely time of construction is

    Museum of Folk Architecture

    Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Uzhhorod a stylized ethnic village in the city center where the samples of wooden architecture typical of representatives of different nations of Transcarpathia dolinyan Lemko Boyko Hutsul Hungary Romania  

    Street Korzo

    Paved pedestrian street in the center of Uzhgorod Korzo connects Sq Koryatovicha from the street Voloshin Translated from the Italian Korzo means place for walking The name given to the former owners of the street is still the city Druget justified

    St. George (George)

    St George (George) was built in the XVII century converted to Catholicism owner of Uzhgorod Yu Druget on the site of the destroyed them as a Lutheran church Construction continued his successor M Bercheni In the XVIII century the church was rebuilt

    Zhupanata House (Museum of Art)

    Massive office building in the classical style on a hill in the center of Uzhgorod was built in 1809 to accommodate the local authorities (zhupanata) On the facade you can see the coat of arms of the county Ung The house is connected with the events
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