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    Attractions → Stavyshche Raion

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    Buky Canyon (Vyr)

    • /en/page/bukskij-kanon-vyr
    • Buky
    Stunningly beautiful canyon Buckiy Cherkassy formed high rocky coast of Mountain Tikich The river has cut its bed in granite deposits whose age 2 billion Years Canyon narrow (sometimes 20 40 m) and deep (20 m) long and tortuous  (About 1 km)... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Ski resort crowberry

    • /en/page/gornolyzhnyj-kurort-vodyan ...
    • Vodianyky
    In the village of crowberry Cherkasy region is the eponymous ski resort At the moment it is a modern resort with good infrastructure Three runs (for beginners experienced and experts) the total length of 2 kilometers due  snow Garmata have been... attractions, Parks and Gardens


    Peter and Paul Church

    • /en/page/petropavlovskaya-tserkov-3
    • Talne
    The magnificent temple in honor of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul one of the most beautiful temples in the Cherkassy region Peter and Paul Church was built in 2007 by architect A Ditkovskite the means of philanthropist Vladimir Movchan Inside the... attractions, Cultural objects

    St. Anne

    • /en/page/kostel-sv-anny-3
    • Talne
    Church of St Anna Talnoye built in 1702 Potocki family who owned the city in the XVIII XIX centuries Under Soviet rule the church was closed the building was used for household needs In 1992 he returned to the shrine of the Catholic community of the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Shuvalov Palace

    • /en/page/dvorets-shuvalovyh
    • Talne
    Manor Naryshkin Shuvalov Talnoye was laid in 1725 by Count F Potocki but most flourished at P Shuvalov That he built here at the turn of XIX XX centuries two storey palace in the form of the French Renaissance hunting castle  in the midst of... attractions, Galleries and Museums


    Church of the Intercession

    In 1906 the village was built Parkhomovka Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin So bequeathed industrialist and philanthropist Golubev his sons Golubev was Orientalist and friends with Roerich It is based on sketches Roerich made many... attractions, Cultural objects

    Reserve Tripolskaya culture

    • /en/page/zapovednik-tripolskaya-kul ...
    • Lehedzyne
    Tripoli giant settlement based on which in 2003 created the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Tripolskaya culture is located between the villages and Legedzino Talnyanka Refers to the III BC e It occupies an area of ​​450 hectares It was the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Marco Museum Vovchok

    Manor Museum writer Marco Vovchok Branch History Museum Bogulavschiny Outstanding Ukrainian writer Maria Vilinska that entered the literature under the pseudonym Mark Vovchok lived on Boguslavschini almost 8 years (first in the city and then in the... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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