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    Archaeological Museum

    • /en/page/arheologicheskij-muzej-3
    • Gluhiv
    Museum of Archaeology at the State Historical Architectural Reserve in Hlukhiv opened in 2008 in a renovated manor house Kochubeev The exhibition includes ceramics tools utensils pieces of clothing samples of building  materials found in Glukhov... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Museum of local lore

    • /en/page/kraevedcheskij-muzej-20
    • Gluhiv
    Hlukhouski local history museum is located in a two story building of the Noble Assembly (1811) made in the style of a provincial classicism The museum was founded in 1902 as a museum of Ukrainian Hlukhouski antiquity Its centerpiece is a... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Pedagogical University

    • /en/page/pedagogicheskij-universite ...
    • Gluhiv
    Complex schools built in Glukhov in the second half of the XIX century In 1874 was opened teachers' institute which prepared teachers for Chernihiv and Poltava provinces In 1914 he graduated from the outstanding film director Alexander Dovzhenko In... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Gate of Kiev

    • /en/page/kievskie-vorota
    • Gluhiv
    The only surviving structure Glukhovskoy fortress one of the four former entrances to the territory of the old city Earthen fort was laid elder Novgorod Seversky A Pesochinskogo in 1635 on the site of ancient settlement Much  expanded in 1685... attractions, Cultural objects

    Central Park

    • /en/page/tsentralnyj-park
    • Gluhiv
    Central Park Glukhova a small park in the heart of the city In Cathedral Square next to the park was a manor house where he lived until 1758 the famous Ukrainian composer founder of spiritual choral singing D Bortniansky In 2002  Bortnyansky... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Nicholas Church

    • /en/page/nikolaevskaya-tserkov-7
    • Gluhiv
    Old Cossack Nicholas Church the oldest architectural monument Glukhova M Efimov master built in the Baroque style In hetman times the square before the church took place Cossack pleased to decide the various state  questions and in the temple... attractions, Cultural objects

    Transfiguration Church

    • /en/page/spaso-preobrazhenskaya-tse ...
    • Gluhiv
    Stone dome Transfiguration Church one of the architectural landmarks of the city Built in 1765 designed by architect Glukhovski B Kvasova place of a wooden Zagradskoy Church of the XVII century What was in those days outside the city ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Three-Anastasievskaya Cathedral

    • /en/page/treh-anastasievskij-kafedr ...
    • Gluhiv
    Ancient temple of the holy three Anastasius revived Hlukhiv in 1884 93 years at the expense of family Sugar Tereshchenko becoming their ancestral burial Resembles the shape of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev The project has developed a neo Byzantine... attractions, Cultural objects

    House Tereshchenko

    • /en/page/dom-tereshchenko
    • Gluhiv
    The oldest preserved building of the architectural heritage of the family Tereshchenko Requests for permission to build a new two story stone house in the historic center of a prosperous merchant Glukhov Tereshchenko appealed to city authorities... attractions, Cultural objects

    Water tower

    • /en/page/vodonapornaya-bashnya
    • Gluhiv
    Sorokametrovoy water tower the card Glukhova Visible from several kilometers away from the city is the expressive element of its architectural silhouette Built in 1927 on the site of the gate Putivl Glukhovskoy fortress after it was  decided to... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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