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    Lolo Dad's Restaurant

    Lolo Dads Restaurant opened on 14 February 2000 The restaurant is striking not only for its gastronomic data but the memory of World War II which also affected the building of the restaurant on the wooden walls of institutions still visible bullet... attractions, Cultural objects

    Тернопільський краєзнавчий музей

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    • Ternopil
    Тернопільський краєзнавчий музей заснований у 1913 році як Подільський музей з чотирма відділами етнографічним історико нумізматичним природознавчим і археологічним Зараз краєзнавчий музей розміщується в незвичайному будинку радянських часів... attractions, Cultural objects

    Історико-меморіальний музей політичних в'язнів

    Історико меморіальний музей політичних в'язнів розташований в підвальних камерах тимчасового ув'язнення колишнього слідчого ізолятора Тернопільського управління НКВС КДБ Експозиція розповідає про боротьбу українських націоналістів з комуністичним... attractions, Galleries and Museums


    Venetian courtyard

    Venetian courtyard in Ternopil called courtyard of a large building on the corner of Shevchenko and Katchalov In 1893 there was opened a Polish seminary library and Society folk school (Towarzystwa szkoly ludowej) In 1913 the museum was opened... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Художній музей

    Monument "Steam L"

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    • Bila
    A steam locomotive a popular tourist attraction locomotive depot Tsyarnopalya He is one of the best and massive Soviet locomotives which were issued in 1945 1955 years and operated throughout the Soviet Union A locomotive was developed jointly... attractions, Cultural objects

    Railway station in Ternopil

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    • Ternopil
    Train station of Ternopil the main transport hub of Ternopil region Station is part of the Lviv railway and take the train as local lines and international communications The first station was opened in Ternopil December 22 1870 It functioned until... attractions, Cultural objects

    The Art Museum

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    • Ternopil
    In Ternopil Art Museum presents a modest gallery of works of little known masters of XVIII XX centuries Separately a collection of works of sacred art icons crucifixes sculptures and church bells In particular   unique icon beg XX century works... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument bees toiler

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    • Ternopil
    Monument bee worker one of the most unusual monuments Tsyarnopalya Sculpture bees toiler installed on the boulevard Shevchenko and interesting ideas and their execution It is a bronze figure the height of which is almost three  m Offer... attractions, Cultural objects
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