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    Palace Tarnowski

    Palace and Park in Tarnowski Kachanovke perfectly preserved manor house a unique example of the construction of the estate left bank Ukraine Creating a palace and park complex began in 1770 the Governor General of Little Russia P Rumyantsev  

    Palace Razumovsky

    Grandiose building residence Hetman K Razumovsky effectively rises above the Sejm near the road Kiev Moscow The initial project was developed in the middle XVIII century Italian architect A Rinaldi The palace was to be the official residence of the

    House Kotchubey

    House general judge Left Bank Ukraine V Kochubey who was executed for his denunciation of the Hetman Ivan Mazepa 58 year old hetman was in love with 16 year old daughter Kotchubey Matrona but his father was against their marriage Kotchubey with its

    Church of the Resurrection

    Family church tomb of the last Hetman K Razumovsky built at his own expense in the classical style Named as called wooden church located on the territory until 1708 Baturin Fortress In 1805 over the grave  Hetman his son A Razumovsky installed

    Citadel fortress Baturin

    Reconstructed wooden fortress above the river Diet where from 1669 to 1708 was a fortified residence of three Ukrainian hetman D Mnohohrishny I Samoilovych Ivan Mazepa Baturyn fortress was founded in 1625 by Polish magnate ancient settlement  A

    Park Trostianets

    One of the most beautiful landscape parks of Ukraine was founded in the XIX century representative of an ancient kind of Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky (grandson of Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky Hetman Skoropadsky grandfather) The project has developed a

    Museum of Archaeology

    Archaeological Museum Baturina opened in a renovated room Resurrection Parish School (1904) Included in the Reserve Hetman's Capital The exposition is deployed in three halls chronologically topic   Neolithic Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery

    Krupitsky Monastery

    Krupitsky St Nicholas Monastery was probably founded before the Mongol invasion It is believed that the first church was built on the site of the appearance of the icon of St Nicholas (the present territory of the monastery) According to legend it

    Church of the Intercession

    Church of the Intercession in Baturin one of the temples hetman capital Confessional Hetman Ivan Mazepa The first wooden church built on this site in the XVII century Burned during Baturin tragedy Stone five domed church was built in 1789  in

    Museum Dovzhenko

    Literary Memorial Museum Dovzhenko open at home in Sosnitsa filmmaker He was born in 1894 in a large rural family in a remote area Vyunische within this village Sosnitsa Hence went to study in Hlukhouski Teacher Training Institute   then in
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